How to Reply to Yep?

Your reply to “Yep” will depend on the context that which “Yep” is used. If the context is an answer to a Yes/No question then you can say something like “ok” or “great”. 


Have you made your bed?


Ok, Good.

Uses of Yep and how to respond

Your reply to yep will depend on the context that which “yep” is used.   

Yep as an agreement 

When “Yep” is used to simply agree with something, your reply can be anything really. You can decide to change the topic or continue with the same topic.


My football team is the best.


They won the game last night 5-0.

Yep as an answer to a Yes/No Question

You can reply to “Yep” that answers a yes/no question with “ok” or “good”

Did you clean the garage?


Ok great, Now clean your room.

Other replies:

  • Awesome 
  • Amazing
  • Great 
  • Good
  • Ok 


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