Cómo usar WOULD LIKE en inglés


  • Would you like + verbo  to invite someone (invitar a alguien)
  • Would you like + sustantivo to offer something (para ofrecer algo)
Would you like an apple?
  • Would like ofrecer algo es la forma educada de to want (querer)

Más ejemplos


What would you like for dinner? ¿Qué te gustaría para la cena?

Where would you like to go later?

Would you like tea or coffee?

Would you like to go for a walk after dinner?


I would like to go for a walk after dinner.

I would like some milk in my coffee.

I would like to go to Japan next year.

I would like to have a swimming pool in my house.

Would you like?  Do you like? Diferencia

Usamos “Would you like…..?” para ofrecer algo ahora.

Usamos “ Do you like……?” para preguntarle a alguien lo que le gusta en general.

Negativo“Would like” 

Añadimos not(or n’t) entre would y like que la sentencia fuera negativa.

I would not like to go for a walk after dinner.

I wouldn’t like to go for a walk after dinner.

I wouldn’t like to eat that.

I’d Like

“I would” puede acortarse a “I’d like”

I’d like more example sentences. 

I’d like to understand all of the rules of English grammar.

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