thanks for the heads up meaning

20 Alternative Ways to say “Thanks for the Heads Up”(+ Meaning)

“Thanks for the heads up” is a colloquial expression used to show appreciation for being alerted or informed about something beforehand, usually about something that would have been unexpected or surprising. It’s a way of thanking someone for giving you advance notice or warning about something.

Here are 20 alternative ways to express the same sentiment:

  1. “Appreciate the warning.”
  2. “Thanks for the advance notice.”
  3. “Grateful for the heads up.”
  4. “Thanks for letting me know.”
  5. “Appreciate the heads up.”
  6. “Good to know, thanks.”
  7. “Thankful for the information.”
  8. “Thanks for the tip-off.”
  9. “Much appreciated for the alert.”
  10. “Thanks for the early warning.”
  11. “Grateful for the insight.”
  12. “Thank you for the forewarning.”
  13. “Appreciate your vigilance.”
  14. “Thanks for keeping me in the loop.”
  15. “Thankful for the heads up.”
  16. “Thanks for the update.”
  17. “Appreciate the alert.”
  18. “Thanks for giving me a heads up.”
  19. “Grateful for the notification.”
  20. “Thanks for cluing me in.”