Cambly vs Italki-Which website is better to learn English?

Cambly vs Italki

Short answer:

Cambly is a more flexible option to practice your English but Italki is better if you want to get a teacher to fix your specific problems for a longer period of time.

My name is Conor and I have been an English teacher for 10 years and I have taught English online for 2 years. I am an English teacher on Italki and Cambly. I personally prefer to teach on Italki because I can work with the same student for some time(usually 3-6 months) and help them to become more fluent and confident in speaking English.

In this article, I will compare Cambly and Italki and tell you which website is better to learn English.  

The benefits of Cambly 

You get 15 minutes free with this link

If you signup with this link then you get 15 minutes of conversation free. This is a great way to see if you like Cambly and you can practice your English a little bit for free. If you want more time then you need to pay and you can see all the prices of Cambly here.

You can have class when you want 

One of the best things about Cambly is that it is flexible and you can log in and find a teacher when you want to have a class. This is great if you have a busy life and can’t commit a lot of time to learn English.

Very easy to call a teacher

The app is very easy to use after a few minutes and you can call a teacher and start speaking English. Maybe on Italki you can spend a lot of time choosing a teacher and then you need to book a class for another day. 

Focus on Speaking

At OneMinuteEnglish we believe that speaking English is the most important part of learning English and is absolutely necessary to improve your skills in English. Cambly is great for speaking because you speak all the time and with lots of different teachers. This is great to be familiar with different accents and vocabulary that exist around the world.

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The benefits of Italki

You can book one class

Italki is really about finding the right teacher for you and then having classes with that teacher every week. You can also do that on Cambly but you need to pay for 1 month at the beginning. On Italki, you can book(and pay for) one class when you need one. This is great if you have a job interview or you need to prepare for something specific or have a specific problem. Another good idea is if you are visiting a country then you can book a class with a  teacher from that country and get some great travel tips! 

Reserving classes make you have them!

Speaking to a teacher in English online can be difficult and if you are shy then it is even more difficult. When you book a class online, you are more likely to attend the class because you lose the money when you don’t attend (unless it is an emergency). This means that you don’t need to find the motivation to start practicing English every time as you do with Cambly.

Long term goals

Italki is a better website if you have long term goals like getting a good score in the IELTS exam or you want to feel more confident in English. You can ask your teacher to correct your writing or you can focus on Grammar. You will have a good connection with your teacher and they will know how to help you better.

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Teachers on Italki and Cambly

Some teachers are great on both Italki and Cambly. On Italki, more professional teachers usually charge more and you also have community tutors that can help you. It is difficult to say which website has better teachers (because there are so many!) so the best thing is to try a class with a few teachers on both websites to see what you like.

Watch my videos on the prices of Italki and Cambly.

Speaking English is not everything!

Speaking English is, of course, the most important part of learning English but you should also study by yourself. When I was learning Spanish and Portuguese I mixed speaking practice with the other skills (Reading, Writing and Listening) and also studied Grammar and wrote new vocabulary in a copybook. Online Courses are a great way to practice many of these other skills.

I hope that you try Cambly or Italki as they are a great way to learn English and you can do it from the comfort of your home. I feel that Cambly is a great way to get started learning English online because it is very flexible but Italki could be a better option for you if you have a long term objective.