A.I Tools for ESL Teachers(Teach English Online)

A.I seems to be everywhere these days and English Teachers are also wondering how they can use A.I to help them save time with their lessons.

I have been an English teacher(as a foreign language) for over 10 years so let me share with you my favourite A.I tools to help you.


Twee is a tool that is specifically made for English teachers. You can create so many lessons with this tool.

Some example lessons include:

  • Grammar lessons
  • News-based reading lessons
  • Vocabulary lessons
  • Questions for speaking lessons

I love this last option as I always hold discussion classes while teaching on Italki.


Many students are now using A.I tools like ChatGPT to write their assignments for them. This is an absolute waste of time for a teacher, correcting work that an A.I tool created.

Winston A.I is an A.I content detector which basically means it can tell if your student used an A.I tool to write their text.

Notion A.I 

Notion A.I is an amazing tool that can do so many things.I might as well list out some of the features that you can use as an English Teacher:

  • Translate from any language to English
  • Write Emails to your boss
  • Fix Spelling and Grammar

Notion is also a great tool for keeping organized and I use it to keep all my to-do lists there.

Magic Slides

Magic Slides is a brilliant A.I tool that you can use to create presentations quickly

Have a look at this video to see it in action:

Otter A.I

Otter is a great tool that you can use for your online classes. It can basically record your online class and give you a transcript and some of the main points of discussion.

This is an added bonus that most teachers are not doing and your students will be very impressed as they can review their classes in both video and text format.


Grammarly is a great tool for helping you catch spelling and grammar mistakes. They also have a new tool called Grammarly go. This tool basically allows you to edit your writing with the help of A.I.

That’s it, I really hope these A.I tools will help you with your English classes.