Accommodation or Accomodation? Which is correct?

Accommodation is the correct spelling of the word that means a place to stay.”Accomodation” is an incorrect spelling and should not be used in English.

The easiest way to remember how to spell “accommodation” is to remember “double c” and “double m”  accommodation.


“Accommodations” is not common in English because accommodation is usually an uncountable noun and that means that “accommodation” is both the singular and the plural form of the word.

There is a lot of student accommodation in the city center. 

In American English “Accommodation” can be used as a countable noun which means “accommodations” is possible.

“Accommodations” is also possible when “accommodation” means the noun of the verb “to accommodate”.

Accommodations can be made for the people who need them. 

Accomodation Acommodation and Accommadation? 

“Accomodation”,”Acommodation”, and Accommadation are all common misspellings of the word “accommodation” because it is a difficult word to spell.