What Comes After Quadruple? Quintuple Or Pentuple Or Fivefold?

Quadruple is a word to describe a set of four of something. The root word quad is a shortened version of the Latin word quadri, which means four. So what comes after quadruple following this linguistic pattern?

Quintuple would be the correct term to follow quadruple; as expected, it means a set of five of something. If this is the case, then what do pentuple and fivefold mean, and when should those terms be used?

What Is a Quintuple?

Quintuple is a word that means five of something; it could be a set of five people, five parts of a group, or five elements within a set. In a list of growing numbers, quadruple comes before quintuple.

These words are often used in conversations of a numerical nature, such as in mathematics. A tuple, which is the second part of the word after the Latin term for a number, is essentially defined as a collection or list of components.

What Does Pentuple Mean?

Pentuple means the same thing as quintuple. However, pen is derived from penta, which is the Greek word for five. The Quin in quintuple is derived from the Latin quinque which also means five. Pentuple is not a commonly used word, so you may confuse – or perhaps impress – others when you use it in a sentence.

What Does Fivefold Mean?

Fivefold is an increase in the number of things, sets, components, or the like by five times. Thus, it has a similar meaning to quintuple, but it may not make much sense in certain circumstances if you use these two words interchangeably.

This is because fivefold will often refer to five units within one group, while quintuple can just simply describe five units.

Is It Incorrect To Use Pentuple Or Fivefold After Quadruple?

It’s not always incorrect to use pentuple or fivefold after quadruple. It is breaking up a sequential pattern, but that doesn’t necessarily matter depending on the context in which you use these words. In a professional or academic setting, it may be wise to follow the proper sequence to avoid confusion.


Even though quintuple, pentuple, and fivefold generally mean similar things, if you want to follow a proper pattern of counting after quadruple, quintuple would be the best fit. However, if you’re not interested in holding that Latin-derived pattern, you should be able to make any of the three terms work in some, but not all, circumstances.