Is ANY followed by Singular or Plural Nouns?

We use “any” + singular noun when we are looking for a specific piece of information or in certain positive sentences. We use “any” + plural nouns in regular interrogative and negative sentences.

If I ask you any question, you will answer it for me.

Do you have any questions

We usually use “any” in questions and negative sentences but it is possible to use “any” in positive sentences. Read more from my article about when to use some and any.  

We use “any” in questions when we don’t know if another person knows or has something. 

Do you have any chocolate?

Do you have any questions?

We use “any” in negative sentences to mean that we have nothing.

I don’t have any chocolate.

I don’t have any questions.

Any + Plural Nouns(Uncountable)

We usually use “any” with plural and especially uncountable nouns in questions and negative sentences.

Do you have any milk left in the fridge?

Do you have any bicycles for sale?


I don’t have any milk left in the fridge.

I don’t have any bicycles for sale.

Any + Singular Nouns

It is possible to use “any” + singular nouns but it is less common than “any” + plural nouns.

We “any” + singular nouns when we are looking for a specific piece of information. 

Do you have any idea where my coat is?

In this case, we only want to know the answer to one question and we don’t want many suggestions.

“Any” is also common to use when “any” is used in the positive when something the noun is not important or when we use “if”. 

Any in positive sentences

We sometimes use any in positive sentences

  • When it is not important which one

Pass me any tie. I don’t care

We can go to any game you like.

  • When the sentence has a negative idea

We never get any chocolate. 

He stayed there without any clean clothes.

  • When we use if

Let me know if you need anything

I am sorry for anything he has done wrong

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