Aswell or As well? Which is correct?

“As well” is the correct spelling and should always be two words. “Aswell” is incorrect and should not be used in English. 

As well

“As well” is an expression in English that means “in addition”.

Peter: I am going to the party tonight.

John: Oh really?? I am going as well. 

Too and as well have the same meaning and usually come at the end of the sentence. “As well” is a little bit more formal than “too”.


“Aswell” is incorrect in English. You should never put the words “as” and “well” together to make one word.

Do you need a comma before As well?

No, you should not use a common before “as well”.

I need to go to the doctor as well.

As well or As well as?

“As well as” can have two different meanings in English.

The first meaning is when you need the word “as” after “as well”

I am going to the supermarket as well, as I need to go to the mall.

“As well as” is also a comparative sentence.

I can write books as well as anyone else.