At a Website or On a Website? Which is correct?

We use “on a website” because we treat all technology with screens as surfaces. We use the preposition of place “on” with surfaces in English. Everything on the internet like websites, apps and platforms will use the preposition “on”.


I saw that news story on a website yesterday.

Where is the online course? It is on his website.

You can read my full article about how to use the prepositions of place on, at, and in here.

On a Website

We use the preposition “on” with all technology that functions with screens. This is because the images on these screens appear “on a surface” and therefore always use the preposition” on”. 

We use “on” with surfaces as it shows the relative position of something. Think about an easy example: “the cup is on the table”. The position of the cup is supported by the table. In the case of the internet(and everything that is part of the internet), the screen supports the technology. We also view websites on these screens. 

Examples with technology(that appear on screens)

I sent him a message on Facebook.

Did you see the new filters on Snapchat?

I posted a video on TikTok and it has had 100 views already. 


Examples in the physical world with on

I hung the picture on the wall. 

My laptop is on my desk.

The bread is on the first shelf. 

At a Website

We don’t use “at” with the word “website” but we do use “at” when you use the domain name or URL. The domain name is like an address for the internet and we use the preposition “at” with addresses.


You can find my website at

We use the preposition “at” when we want to show that we are at a relative position. When we use the word address(either physical or digital), we often want to use it as a reference point so other people can know where we are. 


Where are you?

I am 742 Evergreen Terrace.


Where can I find your website?

You can find it at