Damnit or Dammit? Which is correct?

Damnit and Dammit are both spelling variations of the phrase “Damn it”. Dammit is more common than Damnit because most people phonetically pronounce the word Dammit.

Dammit! I spilled milk on my new shirt!

What about Goddamnit?

Another way to say this swear word would be “Goddamnit” which is also interesting as you can find this spelling on most dictionary websites as well.

Damnit is a popular swear word used in most areas in all of North America. It is often viewed as a less offensive swear word, so people who are younger, or not looking to get into trouble, use this first.

This swear word is used to show when you are annoyed or angry at something, using it as an exclamation. For example: “Damnit! The item I wanted to purchase isn’t on sale anymore.” Or “Damnit! I stubbed my toe on this desk and it really hurts!”

This swear word isn’t used as an insult like many other swear words, which is why it is viewed as more acceptable in most places. Some people will allow “Damnit” but not “Godamnit”.

Goddamnit can be interpreted as just as bad as other harsher swear words because it has the religious aspect of God. When you are swearing using the Lord’s name, many people can find this highly offensive. People will even take this as a personal insult in some cases.

If you used the phrase “Damn it” instead of “Damnit” it needs to be used differently. Damn it is towards a specific thing – the “it”. For example, saying “Damn it to hell”, you are damning whatever the “it” is to hell. Or another example could be “Damn it, I forgot my cellphone!” The “it” is the fact that you forgot the object – the cellphone.

Is Damnit a popular swear word?

“Damnit” has gained some popularity in the last 10-20 years because of television in particular, but also some radio. Damnit was some of the only swear words that could be said on television for a long time, and even when it was being used regularly was viewed as taboo.

Now, we see this swear word is used often, as it isn’t nearly as taboo anymore. It is almost considered the norm and acceptable by many to use this swear word in regular conversation.