What is the meaning of Date Conferred and Date Expected?

You’ll likely see or hear the terms date conferred or date expected through the process of job applications, though there are other situations where they might come up. Would you know how to answer if you were asked the date conferred or date expected for something, perhaps a degree?

A date conferred is a date in the past that has already happened, so it can be guaranteed that it is the correct date. A date expected is a date that is going to happen if everything goes smoothly. The date could potentially change. 

Each of these terms is used to communicate the specific date that you are either going to obtain something or have obtained something. Thus, knowing the difference between these two terms and what they mean will help you answer the question properly.

What Does Date Conferred Mean?

Date conferred refers to the actual date that something was obtained, such as certification, a degree, or a diploma. This would mean that the date has already come and passed and that a particular topic of discussion has been obtained, such as a diploma.

Since this terminology is most often used when discussing certifications of some sort, especially when it comes to school, it’s good to know what employers are talking about when discussing a conferred date.

A conferred date, in this context, is when your transcript has been approved and it has been determined that you’ve met all the program requirements necessary to receive your certification. It’s not the date that you get the physical copy or the date of your graduation.

What Does Date Expected Mean?

Date expected refers to the date that something is expected to occur on or be obtained. This term refers to a date in the future and is more of an approximation as variables could potentially change that date.

Therefore, if you are to graduate in June, you will likely expect to receive your certification in June or July. Your school can likely confirm this for you.


Professional language can take some time to learn, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in recruitment or job interviews. With date conferred and date expected meaning completely different dates, knowing the difference in meaning will make sure you don’t misrepresent yourself when applying for jobs.

Job interviews are stressful enough; you don’t need a miscommunication to make things harder for you.