When Is “Dear All” Appropriate for A Work Email?

Professional and work emails require a certain type of etiquette. You want to be sincere and genuine, but you want to keep things business-like. When you desire to convey an added amount of feeling to an email, you want to portray candor without coming off as too mushy or sappy.

So, when is using something like “Dear All” appropriate for a work email? Using “Dear All” is for particular instances when you want to indicate a heartfelt discussion. You would use this at the introduction or greeting, of the email to address a group of people, usually more than three.

Usage of “Dear All”

Using the phrase, “Dear All” isn’t difficult, but you do want to be judicious in its frequency. It carries with it a special meaning that you should reserve for certain moments and events. When you use “Dear All,” you are implying something that denotes a strong feeling.

You would never want to start every email you send throughout your office to say “Dear All.” When you always start it that way, it will become sappy and lose its heartfelt meaning. If you use this sparingly, it alerts the reader to the ensuing tone throughout the rest of the email. It prepares them for something a little different than the norm.

Examples of “Dear All”

Therefore, the only real times you should use such a greeting is when you’re going to announce sad news or something endearing that recently occurred within the company. Consider the four examples provided below.

Sad News

Dear All,

Today our beloved founder passed away from heart complications . . .


Dear All,

Due to financial struggles, we will have to close our doors . . .

Endearing Events

Dear All,

I’m proud to announce Nancy Smith has been a part of the company for 40 years . . .


Dear All,

The community has truly been an amazing component of our toy drive for Christmas this year . . .

Dear Everyone

“Dear Everyone” is not common in English. People tend to use “Dear all” when speaking to a group of people in formal emails and letters to make announcements.


You will use the phrase “Dear All” as the greeting of an email within a work or professional setting. It denotes a heartfelt communication that sort of preps the reader to understand this email won’t be like others. It tells them that the rest of the letter will have some feeling to it as the result of sad news or an endearing occurrence.