Ditto or Diddo? Which is correct?

Ditto is the correct spelling of the word which means that a person agrees or did the same thing. “Diddo” is a common misspelling of “Ditto”.

I like playing computer games.



Ditto is a quick and easy way to say “Me too” or “So do I”. 

Ditto is usually used as a one-word response to show that you agree or have performed the same action.

I took my driving test when I was 17.


It can also be used in writing to show a similar meaning to “also” when you forget to put “also” between the subject and the verb.

I brought John to the cinema. I also brought him to his sports game.

I brought John to the cinema, ditto his sports game. 


Diddo is a misspelling of Ditto which is becoming more and more common online and on social media platforms.

Is Ditto an actual word?

Yes, Ditto is a real word that came to English from Italian.

Is Ditto rude?

“Ditto” can appear lazy and rude to some people. I would use this word with my friends but not in formal situations.