What is the Meaning of Dossing Off?

“To doss off” is a verb that means to spend time relaxing when you should be working or studying. “Dossing off” is usually used only in the U.K and Ireland.  An American synonym would be  “to goof off”.

Dossing Off Meaning

We use “dossing off” when somebody is supposed to be doing something but they are not. Think of a situation where somebody is supposed to be in an office working, but they are not, they are taking a break.

“Dossing off” is usually used for informal situations. You can use “to doss” or “to doss off” with no change in meaning.


He is always dossing off work. He is not a hard worker.

Where is Michael? Is he dossing again? 

Doss as a noun

“Doss” can also be used as a noun. It means something easy in Irish slang.

That test was a doss, so easy!