What To Write For “Employer Name” On An Application Form?

Filling out applications requires personal information along with employment history. Of course, this will vary depending on the application you’re filling out, but you’re most likely going to see ‘employer name’ on the application. What does this mean?

The employer name section on an application is asking for your previous employer’s information. In this section, you should put the full name of the company you worked for before you started the application. 

What To Put For Employer Name

For employer name, you should put the company of your most recent place of employment. You shouldn’t put your boss’s name since that can be considered unprofessional. Instead, write down the company name, and be sure to capitalize it since it’s a proper noun.

The only instance you should put an individual’s name is when the company you worked for actually was a individual. This is because the company was that one person and not an entire organization. Even then, it wouldn’t hurt to ask them for permission first.

If you are still working for a company, then you should put that company. The best way to go about this field is to put down the most recent job you had/have. If you still work for a company, then put down the name of your current employer rather than a past employer.

Why Employer Name Is Included On The Application

If you were ever to interview someone for a job, you’d want to know their experience with the workforce whether it be related to the current job or not. That’s why applications want to know your work history. When they see your old employer, they get a feel for who you are.

For example, if you were hiring a babysitter for your kids, you’d want to know all you could about the person you’re leaving with your children. You’d want to know their background and if they know the emergency procedures they’d need to know while on the job.

Using that example, it’s easier to see why employment history is important for applications. That’s the reason why the employer name field exists on multiple different types of applications, not just new job applications.