a hotel or an hotel

A hotel or An hotel? Which is correct?

“A hotel” is correct because the “h” in “hotel” is not silent. You need to pronounce the “h” in “hotel” so we use the article “a”.

You usually book a hotel before you travel to a destination.

I want to build a hotel near the beach.

The rule of whether you use “a” or “an” depends on if there is a vowel or consonant sound at the beginning of the next word.

We usually use “an” with words that start with vowels but sometimes the letter “h” can be silent so we also need to use “an”. You can read more about “a” and “an” before “h” here.

Is it A or An holiday?

“A holiday” is correct because the “h” in “holiday” is not silent.

Have you booked a holiday yet?

I need a holiday,

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