What is the Plural of Ex? (Exes or Ex’s)

An ex is an informal short form for an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. When you want to write about more than one ex, we use the plural form “exes”.


I have an ex from Liverpool.

I have several exes from Liverpool.  

If you need to say that one ex owns something then you should use “ex’s”.


Those are my ex’s baseball caps, he should collect them tomorrow.


The word “ex” can mean “ex-wife”,” ex-husband”,” ex-girlfriend”, or ex-boyfriend”.It usually means a former lover but it can also be used in other contexts when jobs or relationships break down and no longer continue.

Other examples include:


Ex-Soviet Union country

Ex-member of the board

The use of the word “ex” in English comes from the Latin word “ex” which means “out of” or “from”.


To form a plural in English, we usually add an “s”. In this case, we add “es” because the sound is [iz] and follows other nouns in English that sound similar for example “buses”.


That is my ex-wife from Germany and over there is my ex-wife from Spain…

How many exes do you have?


I have just realized that all of my exes had dark hair, I must have a type!


We use apostrophe s in English when we want to show that somebody owns something. For this reason, we only add ‘s to ex when we want to show that an ex owns something.


Where did you get that car? It is so cool!

Oh, it is my ex’s, she let me have it.


What are you going to do with all your ex’s stuff in your house?

I am going to set it all on fire!  

We only use apostrophe s in English to make something plural with numbers, single letters, and symbols. 

Is Exs a word?

No,“exs” is not a word in English. If you need to write a plural of the word “ex”, you should use “exes”.

Ex-wives or Ex-wife’s?

If you don’t want to use the word “exes”, then you can always write the full noun that you are describing(“ex-wife”,” ex-husband”,” ex-girlfriend”, or ex-boyfriend”). This may be especially the case if you are writing some legal documentation.

Here is a list of possible plurals and possessives with examples. Click on the words If you want to read more about boyfriends and girlfriends,



I have several ex-wives.


Ex- wife’s(singular possessive)

This is my ex-wife’s car.


Ex-wives’(plural possessive)

My ex-wives’ children are all part of my family.



I have several ex-husbands.


Ex- husband’s(singular possessive)

This is my ex-husband’s car.


Ex-husbands’(plural possessive)

My ex-husbands’ children are all part of my family.

What does Ex-Bestfriend mean?

An ex-best friend is someone who was your best friend in the past but you are no longer friends. This usually happens with an argument or the normal drifting apart between two people.