For ever or Forever? What’s the difference?

The difference between forever and forever is that forever is written as one word in American English and as two words in British English. 

You can use either “Forever” or “For ever” depending on who your audience is. “Forever” as one word is becoming more and more popular.

What does Forever/For ever mean?

“Forever” or “For ever”  means “until the end of time”.

We will be together forever,

People often use “Forever” to mean a very long time or very often(usually in a sarcastic tone.)

He is taking forever! He is so slow.

He is forever stealing my hat!

For ever or Forever in the U.K

Both “Forever” or “For ever” are correct in the U.K with the “forever” becoming more and more popular. I was reading a book written by a Britsih author from the 1990’s and noticed “for ever” and it appeared strange to me as I am much more accustomed to seeing “forever” nowadays.

For ever or Forever more?

“Forever more” is more common than “for ever more” but both are correct depending on where you live.