Freind or Friend? Which is correct?

Friend is the correct spelling of the word. Freind is incorrect and not a word in English.

Friend is a noun and means a person that you like to spend time with but is not part of your family.

Peter is my best friend.

We have been friends for a long time.

Freind mistake

Freind is a very common mistake in English. People often make spelling mistakes in English because the position of “i” and “e” can often confuse people. 

In this case, the “e” should come after the “i”. There is a famous rhyme in English that goes like this, “i before e except after c”. There are so many exceptions to this rule that it shouldn’t even be a rule. 

Words like “freind” can be difficult to spell because most words do follow the pattern “ie” in English. 

To repeat:

The correct spelling is “friend” and not “freind”.