government or goverment

Government or Goverment? Which is correct?

Government is the correct spelling of the word.

Goverment is incorrect and should not be used in English.

Why is Government difficult to spell?

The word “Governmnet” is difficult to spell because there are a lot of consonants together and the “n” is often not pronounced in spoken English.

Can you say Governments?

Yes, “Governments” is the plural of “government”.

The Governments of the world are meeting in Zurich.

The Government is or are?

In American English, people use “The government is” and in British English “The Government are” is more common. This is due to how collective nouns are conjugated.

The government is in talks with the company(American English).

The government are in talks with the company(British English).

Is government a plural word?

No, “government” is not a plural word. It is singular.

Is government a noun or a verb?

“Government” is a noun. “To govern” is a verb.