Grateful vs. Greatful: Uncovering the Right Way to Spell the Word of Thanks

Grateful is the correct spelling of the adjective of gratitude. We use this when we want to show that we are thankful for something. 

I am grateful that you came to help me.

Greatful is an incorrect spelling of grateful. The reason people make this mistake is because greatful and grateful sound exactly the same to our ears. 

Grateful or Gratefull?

Grateful is the correct spelling. Gratefull is incorrect. The word “full” sounds exactly the same as the “ful” part and the end of  grateful but we do not need the second “l”.

Why is grateful not spelled greatful?

Grateful comes from the word gratitude and for that reason the first part of the word is spelled “grate” and not “great”. 

Great is a different adjective that means “really good”. It is not really related to grateful.

What is the meaning of Greatful?

Greatful is an incorrect spelling of grateful. To be grateful means that you want to show your appreciation to someone or something for being in your life.

Is thankful the same as grateful?

Thankful is a little bit different from grateful. To be thankful is when you want to say thank you to somebody who has done something for you.

To be grateful is when you want to show that you are happy for the things that you have as opposed to the things that you don’t have.

You can be grateful for things that no person has given you for example, the sun, a nice comfortable bed, or your parents.

In modern English. People often use grateful as a way to show their appreciation.

I am so grateful that you could help out.

I am so thankful for all the gifts I have received.(formal)