How to say”Have a Great Week” in English

“Have a great week” is a nice phrase that you can say to people on a Sunday or Monday so that they have a good week.

We often use this phrase to wish someone well for their week at work, school or if they have an upcoming trip.

20 ways to wish someone a great week 

There is nothing wrong with saying “have a great week” to someone but here are some alternatives if you want to say it in a different way:

  1. Wishing you an extraordinary week ahead!
  2. Have an awesome week full of success and joy.
  3. Here’s to a fruitful week for you!
  4. Enjoy an outstanding week!
  5. May your week be filled with amazing moments.
  6. I hope your week is nothing short of fantastic!
  7. Embrace the beauty of the coming week.
  8. Make the most of the new week. It’s your oyster!
  9. Wishing you a week full of wins and happiness.
  10. Have a week brimming with positivity and great experiences!
  11. Let the coming days be splendid for you.
  12. I hope you have an incredibly successful week.
  13. Best wishes for a week filled with promise and opportunity!
  14. Here’s to a week full of potential and exciting challenges!
  15. Have a magical week full of surprises and achievements.
  16. May the next seven days be the best you’ve ever had!
  17. Wishing you a week that’s as wonderful as you are(a bit cheesy!).
  18. Embrace the new week with enthusiasm and you will achieve remarkable things.
  19. May your week be full of beautiful moments and pleasant surprises!
  20. Have an amazing week, make every moment count!

 Is it correct to say “Have a great week ahead”

It is fine to say Have a great week aheadbut there really is no need to say “ahead” as people will understand that you are talking about the coming week.