What Is A Professional Answer To “How Are You Doing?”

Professional environments are nerve-racking because you have to give solid, polite answers to any questions thrown your way. “How are you doing?” is one question you have to answer, so how do you answer that?

How to reply to “how are you doing” depends on whether you know the person or not, and if you do know them, how well you know them. If a stranger, or a boss, asks you this, you should reply with respect to show them the most politeness. However, if your close friend asks you this, you can drop the formalities and answer in whatever way you want.

The rest of this article will cover a professional answers “how are you doing”, and informal answers to “how are you doing”.

How To Politely Answer “How Are You Doing?”

Since “how are you doing” is such a common question, you should prepare your answer in a formal environment or with a stranger.

The best way to answer is by saying: “I’m doing great, thank you for asking. How about you?”. 

The reason why this is a good response is because it tackles three important parts of formal speech. For starters, your answer is to the point and positive. Next, you’re thanking the person for considering your feelings. Lastly, you ask about them as well.

It’s the best polite answer you can give, but you can also answer with: “I’m feeling fine, thank you. And you?”. This is another option that has the same impact as the last. It shows you’re feeling alright, you thank the person, then you ask about them as well.

When someone takes the time to consider your feelings in a formal environment, it’s common courtesy to thank them for their consideration. However, there’s hundreds of responses to “how are you”, so feel free to experiment with your answer.

How To Informally Answer “How Are You Doing?”

Like “hello” and “hey”, “how are you doing” is a form of greeting, therefore you’ll hear it on a daily basis from people online and in real life. When you’re with people you’re comfortable around, there’s no shortage of answers you can use.

Since it’s an informal environment, you don’t have to worry about being polite. You can simply say this: “I’m fine, thanks” or “I’m fine, how are you?”. There’s dozens of different answers, and there’s no set correct one. Go with whatever answer works for you.

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