IELTS indicator exam

The IELTS indicator exam – What you need to know

In this article, we will discuss all of the questions you might have regarding the IELTS indicator Test. The IELTS indicator exam was developed as an online version of the IELTS exam.

What is the IELTS Indicator?

The IELTS indicator is an IELTS test that you take at home. It’s an official IELTS product and your examis scored by an official IELTS examiner.

It’s a full computer-delivered test. You do the reading, listening, and writing in one sitting just like in the real exam and you take your speaking test with an examiner using zoom. It takes place just once or twice a week at the moment.

The IELTS indicator is for academic IELTS only. There is no indicator version for general IELTS. It’s available only incountries with no active IELTS centers.

It costs $149 and there are some technical requirements that you’ll need to check on your computer. You need to download and install an SEB which means a safe exam browser. This locks your computer down when you log in so you can’t cheat.

Who accepts IELTS indicator?

You can find all the Universities and Organizations that accept the IELTS indicator exam here. There are many Universities that are accepting this exam in Canada. You can also find out what score you need to get in order to be accepted.

How can you prepare for IELTS indicator at home?

You can prepare for the IELTS indicator exam the same way you prepare for the regular exam. You should know the questions involved and also practice speaking with a teacher.

You can find our preparation course here. The course gives you preparation tips for the IELTS exam. 

I recommend Italki  for online classes to prepare your speaking skills. There are many teachers on Italki that specialize in Ielts so it is a good idea to book a class with one of them. 

When will your IELTS indicator results be out?

The IELTS results are available to you 2 weeks after you take the test, and you can view the report online.

How to verify your IELTS indicator results?

To be able to verify your IELTS results you will need to take the Test Report Form (TRF) to a government office in your country. This is determined by your country of residence. You will need to contact them directly to find out where your results can be verified. Once you have the TRF you must complete the TRF. The TRF is part of your result and is different for each test. It is also different for each test date.

How can you send your IELTS indicator score to your university?

First, you need to check which University you want to send your results to. Check if your score is high enough to be accepted to that University. You can send your TRF to 5 different Universities within one month of your exam. If you want to send to more than that, you will need to pay extra.

You can choose to send your score electronically or with TRF. You need to check if your University accepts results electronically. 

Is IELTS indicator accepted in Canada for a student visa?

IELTS indicator is not currently accepted for immigration to Canada. The Duolingo English Test is accepted in over 140 Canadian Universities. 

Is IELTS indicator available in India?

Yes, IELTS indicator is currently available in India, You can book a test here.

Remember, IELTS Indicator is an Academic test only and has not been developed for immigration purposes