In future or In the future? What is the difference?

In future or In the future? What is the difference?

In future means “from now on” and in the future means “at some indefinite future time” 

In future meaning

“In future” means “from now on” and is usually used in the context of correcting mistakes that people make with the idea that they don’t continue to make these mistakes.

Don’t print on one side only, it is a waste of paper. In future, print on both sides of the page.

You shouldn’t have kept quiet about the harassment, in future, you come to me if you have a problem.

The tone of voice can often be scolding(telling someone off) but it can also be caring or advisory.

This phrase “in future” is not used in the U.S.A and is much more common in British and Irish English.

In the future meaning 

“In the future” is a neutral way to say that something will happen in a future time. 

We will use robots for everything in the future.

There will be flying cars in the future. 

In future work or in the future work?

“In future work” doesn’t really make sense but “in the future, work….” is possible 

In the future, work will be less manual and we won’t even type on computers.

If you are writing a title, “The future of work” is more suitable. 

In near future or in the near future?

“In the near future” is correct because we are talking about a time in the future.

Self-driving cars will be available around the world in the near future.