Incorporate IN,INTO or WITH? Which is the correct preposition?

We usually use the preposition “into” with the verb “to include”. This is because we often want to include something within the boundaries of something else(which is a common use of the preposition “in”) and move something from one place to another(common use of “to”).


I want you to incorporate some exercise into your day..

Yes, I incorporated the information into our report.

“To incorporate” means to include something into something larger. For this reason, we often use “into” as we move something from one place to another. 

The other meaning of “to incorporate” is to legally make a company into a corporation. This meaning does not take a preposition. 

Incorporate Into

We use the preposition “in” to show that something exists within a volume. We use “to” to show some movement. Put them together and get “into” which means moving something from one “volume” to another. 

Incorporate is a rather formal word but people also use it for day to day contexts like a routine. 

Incorporate In

We can also use “incorporate in” in English but it means there is no movement from one place to another. 

We need to incorporate some more squats in our workout. 

We also tend to use “in” a lot with the other meaning of “incorporate” but this use usually goes with the noun that follows incorporate.

We were incorporated in Japan. 

Incorporate With

We use the preposition “with” with a verb or adjective when we mean “in relation to”. We use “incorporated with” when there are more things that are added together into something larger.

We incorporated the squats with the deadlift to form a complete workout

Incorporate Into or Onto?

The correct preposition is usually “into”. I can’t think of any situation where you would write “incorporate onto”. 

Final thoughts

We usually use the preposition “into” with the verb “incorporate” When the verb is used to show that a company becomes a corporation, we don’t need a preposition.