How to Introduce Yourself to a Recruiter Via Email

When applying for work, the best thing you can do to better your chances of being considered and make a good first impression is to be personal and unique in your approach. An excellent way to do this is with an introductory email to the recruiter or hiring manager.

In an introduction email to a recruiter, you should create a simple, to-the-point subject line, greet them politely by name, introduce yourself and your qualifications briefly, and offer a method of contact for further action.

Here’s what you need to know about writing an introduction to a recruiter.

What to include in your recruiter introduction email

Your introduction email to your recruiter should be short, sweet, and to the point. This email will serve as a sort of cover letter before the cover letter, showing the recruiter an extra bit of enthusiasm that might grant you more notice than other candidates.

In many instances, since you’re also submitting a resume and any application documents they ask for, you won’t want to rehash any major details. Stick to the basics: who you are, why you’re here, and what you want from the recipient.

In this case that means giving a concise subject line – something as simple as your name and your position as a candidate would be perfect – followed by a one or two paragraph email showing your enthusiasm and appropriateness for the role and a polite sign-off signaling for further communication.

You might also choose to email a recruiter for information regarding a role, in which case the structure would change only slightly, and you would not include your resume or a cover letter. You may still include information about your background, however.

Aways make sure to include relevant and accurate contact information at the end of your email and on your resume, so that the recruiter can reach you if they are interested in your application. You should also be sure to greet the recruiter by name whenever possible, to add a more personal touch to the message.

Recruiter introduction email template

Here’s what an email to a recruiter might look like. Feel free to use this template to build your own recruiter emails, personalizing where appropriate.

SUBJECT: [Name] as a Candidate for [Position]

Hello [Recruiter Name],

I am excited to share with you my resume and cover letter for consideration for the [Title] position currently available at [Company]. Given my strong background in [Industry] with [Previous Employer] as a [Previous Title], and my [Other Qualification], I am confident that I would be well suited to the role.

If you have any questions regarding my qualifications or my aptitude, please feel free to contact me via [Method] at [Contact Information]. I appreciate your consideration and hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,


[Contact Information]

Here is a template you might use to ask for more information about a role before applying.

SUBJECT: Regarding the [Position] Opening

Hello [Recruiter Name],

I am highly interested in the opening [Company] has for a [Title]. Given my strong background in [Industry] with [Previous Employer] as a [Previous Title] and my [Other Qualification], I would love to know more about the position.

Specifically, I would like to inquire about [Detail] and [Detail]. I would also like to know more about the [Title]’s role in the larger company structure, and what qualifications you are most looking for in an applicant.

Please feel free to contact me via [Method] at [Contact Information]. I appreciate your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,


[Contact Information]