Invest IN or ON? Which is the correct preposition?

We use the preposition “in” with the verb “invest”. This is because we have an area(for example property or a company) that we want to invest in.


I always invest in stocks and bonds.  

He invested all of his money into Apple.

Invest in

We use the preposition “in” when we want to show that something exists in a volume. This volume is like a boundary and can be physical or metaphorical.  Let’s look at some examples of invest with the preposition “in”:

I invest in real estate.

He needs to invest in his future. 

Invest on

It is possible to use “invest on” but you usually want to use “invest in”.  We only use “invest on” when the following noun needs the preposition “on”.

They do their investing on behalf of their customers. 

Invest in or on someone?

We usually use “invest in someone. When we talk about money or resources we always need to use “invest in”. The same is true for “invest in yourself”.