last minute

Last minute or Last-minute?(English grammar)

We use “last-minute” similar to an adjective(it describes a noun). “Last minute” does not describe a noun but rather just describes a time with a deadline approaching.

Usually “last-minute” is used with the article “a” and “last minute” is used with “at the”.

Last-minute and Last minute mean the same thing but they function differently in English grammar.


Last-minute needs a hyphen when it describes a noun.

a last-minute flight

a last-minute deal

a last-minute special

Last Minute

Last minute without a hyphen is a time phrase.

Why do you do everything at the last minute?

We just arrived at the last minute.

What’s the meaning of last minute?

Last minute means to do something just before a deadline. It is usually used to describe people who are not very organized  and “last-minute” is used when something is going to expire very soon like a means of transport departing.

What’s another way to say last minute?

Just in time

In the nick of time

Just about