Last vs Latest – What’s the difference?

“The latest” means the most recent and “the last” means the final or the one before something that we are talking about. When talking about T.V series, software, books, etc. we use “latest” when we want to talk about the most recent release. 


Oh, I am so excited. I am going to watch the latest episode of Ozark.

What was the last episode of Ozark that we watched?

The last episode of Ozark is out on Wednesday.

Last meaning and use 

The word “last” means that something is final, it comes after everything else. Think about something that has many objects and after all the other ones have been chosen, then we have the last one


I was picked last again to play baseball

I just ate the last piece of cake

Last with time 

When we use “last” with time we usually have done the activity multiple times and “the last time” is the most recent. 

I went to the Bahamas last year.

Last Wednesday was my birthday.

“The last time” can also mean that we don’t want to do this activity again.

This is my last week at University ever!

This is the last time I will tell you to stop biting your names.

Latest meaning and use

“Latest” means that something is the most recent. It means that something is the most up-to-date.

The latest model of Tesla is so cool.

This is the latest iPhone. 

Latest also means the “most late” as in the time that a final possibility. 

The latest that you can hand in your paper is Friday.

The latest I can do is 10 pm.

The last or latest version?

The “last version” and the “latest version” could both be possible. The latest version means the most recent. The last version means the version before the one you are talking about.