Let That Sink In(Meaning and Use) 

“Let that sink in,” in its most basic sense, means “take some time to think about it.” This phrase is an idiomatic term, which is a lyrical way of saying something to have a particular impact.

Someone may say to you, “let that sink in,” when they want you to ponder long and hard about a certain topic. When you say anything like this, you are emphasizing the significance of taking your time and giving it serious attention.

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Meaning and Etymology of ‘Let That Sink In’

The phrase “let that sink in” has its origins in a biblical quotation. This variant of the expression appears in the following passage from the Gospel of Luke: “Let these thoughts sink into your hearts.” As a result, the sentence “thus we say, let this truth sink in your hearts” has been altered to read “let this truth sink in your hearts.”

Nuances of ‘Let That Sink In’

Even though they all mean the same thing, the phrase “let that sink in” might have varied connotations depending on the context. In the case of an essential piece of information presented by a teacher, you may be asked to ‘let that sink in before continuing. Because all of the information in this example is significant, the teacher wants you to retain it all.

If, on the other hand, someone is sharing upsetting news with you, they may encourage you to ‘take a deep breath’ and let it sink in. According to this example, the individual who delivered the surprising news wishes for you to think about all of the ramifications of what took place.

Example Usage of Let That Sink In

You can use the idiom ‘let that sink in’ in various ways to stress the importance of reflection. Here are a few examples of how to properly use this phrase in multiple different contexts.

  • Did you know that 60% of all dollars printed in the U.S. were done so between 2020 and 2021? Let that sink in!
  • Let it sink in that you stole a car! What did you think would happen?
  • Go home and let this chapter’s information sink in because you’ll need it for the test tomorrow.