Located On/In or At? Which is correct

We use the prepositions On/In/At with the verb “to locate” depending on the place that we are talking about.

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We use the verb “to locate” when we are trying to find something.

Located in

We use the preposition “in” with volumes. Think about the borders of a country or any place or thing.

We are located in Russia.

The car is located in the car park.

Located on

We use “on” with the verb “to locate” when we are talking about surfaces.

Your apartment is located on the fourth floor.

Located at

“Located at” is not very common because we usually use the verb  “to locate” with things that are fixed and the preposition “at” is usually used for temporary things

Located in/on/at + street

We use “located on” with the noun “street”.

My house is located on fourth street.

Located in/on/at + map

We use “located on” with the noun “map”.

You can see the country Ghana located on Google Maps.