lose weight

Loose weight or Lose weight? Which is correct?(English Grammar)

“Lose weight” is the correct phrase in English. “Loose weight” is incorrect.

The verb “to lose” means to misplace something but we also use “to lose” in other contexts like to express confusion and misunderstanding.

“To Lose” also means to not have something anymore and this is the context that we are using “Lose weight”(you don’t have the extra weight anymore!)

“To lose weight” means to reduce the amount of weight a person holds.

I need to lose weight before the wedding.

Diet is very important to lose weight. 

“Loose” is an adjective that we use to describe something that is not constricted. Loose is the opposite of tight. Think about a pair of trousers that are the opposite of skinny jeans!

This top is very loose, I think it is too big for me.

How to use “Lose Weight” in English Grammar

You can use the phrase “lose weight” in any verb tense in English but the present simple, past simple, and present perfect simple are the most common.

I want to lose some weight… maybe about 5 kilos.

I lost 10 kilos last year.

Have you lost weight? You look great!

“Lose weight” or “Weight Loss”

Lose weight and weight loss mean the same thing but they are used differently according to English grammar.

“Lose” is a verb so we need to conjugate it like a verb.

“Weight Loss” is a noun so we need to use the two words together as a noun.

Weight loss is achieved with a proper diet and regular exercise.