Lozenger or Lozenge? Which is correct?

When deciding if “lozenger” or “lozenge” is correct, it will always be “lozenge.” There is no such thing as a “lozenger” and so, it will always be incorrect. 

So, if you always remember “lozenge,” you can’t go wrong. It isn’t difficult but understanding the background story behind the word, what it means and how it’s used in a sentence will help commit it to memory.

Defining “Lozenge”

There are two definitions for “lozenge” and both are nouns. The first is what most people recognize, a medicinal or homeopathic tablet that dissolves in the mouth. There is an array of these at the pharmacy for fevers, colds, sore throats, and flu, for example.

However, a “lozenge” can also indicate a four-sided shape; in particular a rhombus or diamond. Therefore, it has mathematical associations as well. However, it goes back to its common understanding as a mouth tablet, since they are usually square in shape. But, they can sometimes be round, oval, or triangular.

“Lozenge” Etymology

Our first known recorded use of the word, “lozenge” comes from the Old French “losenge” in the earth 14th century. It translates to “rhombus shape or diamond shape” and became a common motif in heraldry. But it also meant “windowpane” or “small square cake;” anything that resembled a diamond.

The modern French usage of the word, “losange” means any quadrilateral thing that’s flat. There is speculation this word has much older pre-Roman Celtic use in the Iberian Peninsula of Spain or ancient France (Gaul). In this form, it’s “lausa,” which means “flat stone” or “slab.”

The idea of a “lozenge” being something held and dissolved in the mouth goes back to sometime in the 1520s. This often involved a cube of sugar that had medicine coated on it.

Examples of “Lozenge” in a Sentence

Study the example sentences below for proper usage of “lozenge.”

Cheyenne took the throat lozenge and she should feel better soon.

These gold earrings encrusted with rubies and diamonds are in an adorable lozenge.

Cup coasters can be square or lozenge depending on their orientation.


Just remember, there is no such word as “lozenger.” It will always be “lozenge” and it can refer to a mouth tablet or something flat and diamond-shaped.