Managment Or Management? What Is The Correct Spelling?

A common spelling error is a mix-up between managment and management, but which one is the correct answer?

The correct spelling is management. You should never use managment since it’s always an incorrect spelling.

The rest of this article will cover why managment is the incorrect spelling, and why management is correct.

Why Managment Is Incorrect

Management is the proper way to spell the word, but managment is a common error. The reason why it’s common is that the pronunciation of the word throws people off. When you say it out loud, the ‘e’ in management is missing, therefore tricking those who are spelling it.

Another cause of this typo could come from the adjective ‘managing’. Management is a noun while managing is an adjective with an ‘ing’ attached to it. Some may get these two words confused and drop the ‘e’ in management because managing does the same thing.

In the English language, you do not have to drop the ‘e’ on manage to make management. Management is the only correct spelling of the word, and any other spellings are incorrect.

Here are some examples of common misspellings of management: mannagement, managament, managmennt, mangement, and mangeement. Make sure not to use any of these since they’re incorrect, and autocorrect will change them to ‘management’.

Why Management Is Correct

English, like many languages, has plenty of exceptions to its own grammar and spelling rules. However, management is not one of those exceptions. There’s no reason to drop the ‘e’ vowel, especially since the suffix starts with a consonant.

Despite what the pronunciation says, you have to spell it with the ‘e’. This is because the word ‘ment’ is a suffix to the word ‘manage’. There’s no reason to bunch those consonants together (the ‘m’ and the ‘g’), so you should have the ‘e’ there as well.

Management is a noun and a common word. It’s mostly used in professional settings since a large branch of jobs are management positions. You’ll see the word listed on job sites and at job fairs.

The definition of management is to deal with, or manage, people, places, or things. It’s a form of responsibility, which is why you’ll see the word posted on job sites so often.