What Time Is Mid Morning And Mid Afternoon? (Office Hours)

Office hours vary based on the position you work in, the company you work for, and the country you’re from. In America, there are mid-morning and mid-afternoon times. Since specific times can change so often, what, in general, are the times for mid-morning and mid-afternoon?

Mid-morning is anywhere between 9-11 a.m. since a majority of businesses open their doors at 8 a.m. 9-11 is the middle ground between the morning (8 a.m.) and the afternoon (12 p.m.). Mid-afternoon is 2-4 p.m. Similarly to mid-morning, mid-afternoon is between the start of the afternoon and the evening (6 p.m.).

The rest of this article will cover mid-morning times, and mid-afternoon times.

Mid-Morning Times

Even if a business doesn’t open right at 8 a.m., you can still consider 9-11 a.m. the general mid-morning time. This is because mid-morning means the middle of the morning. To go more in detail, this means that mid-morning occurs during the middle of morning and noon.

Morning is not just considered the a.m. hours. For example, 2 a.m. is still considered night, not morning. Morning happens when the sun rises. Depending on where you live, this can be tricky, but in general, morning starts in the 6:30-7 a.m. zone.

Although there is no set time that morning begins, in the business world, they run based on the time the sun comes up and goes down. This makes it easier for the entire business to run smoothly, thus making 6:30-7 a.m. the start of the morning, and 9-11 a.m. the mid-morning.

Mid-Afternoon Times

The afternoon starts at 12 p.m., and most businesses are open by then unless it’s a business that opens in the evening. Texas Roadhouse, a steakhouse, opens in the afternoon since they’re more of a dinner place. However, even these places consider 2-4 the mid-afternoon.

Like the morning times, mid-afternoon doesn’t change just because the business opens earlier or later. Mid-afternoon is determined by the middle of the afternoon, and since 2-4 is between the start of the afternoon and the end, that makes it the standard mid-afternoon time.

However, unlike morning, the afternoon does have a set time that it starts. It isn’t based on the sun, it’s based on noon. Whenever noon hits, that means it’s afternoon. 2-4 p.m. will always be mid-morning. Different cultures may change that, but in America, it’s always 2-4.