Mine As Well Or Might As Well Or Mind As Well? Which Is Correct?

Mine as well, might as well, and mind as well are three phrases that are commonly confused and misspelled, so which one is the correct answer?

Mine as well and might as well are the correct sayings, but they have different meanings. Mine as well is used in more personal situations, whereas might as well is used in a setting where someone is asked if they should do a certain action, such as going somewhere. 

The rest of this article will cover what mine as well means, what might as well means, and why mind as well is incorrect.

What Mine As Well Means

Although mine as well may sound like a strange phrase, it’s often used to demonstrate that another object, place, or person belongs to the speaker. For example, take this conversation:

“This pen is mine. That pen is mine as well.”

When using mine as well, it means ‘that belongs to me, too’. It can be used with objects, places, and people, but it’s most commonly used with objects to express ownership of multiple items. It’s a phrase you’ll hear in both professional and casual environments.

What Might As Well Means

Might as well is an expression that, in simple terms, means ‘why not’. Might as well, when broken down further, is a phrase that’s popular in America and expresses that the person saying it has a ‘why not’ attitude.

That means that the speaker sees no reason to not go ahead with what’s being mentioned in the conversation. For example, here is a conversation that expresses might as well:

“I’m closer to Starbucks than Dunkin Donuts, so I might as well go there instead.”

In this example, the conversation shows that the speaker is saying they see no reason not to go to Starbucks since it’s closer to them than Dunkin Donuts.

Why Mind As Well Is Incorrect

Mine as well and might as well refer to an object, place, or person. Mind as well does not. The sentence doesn’t make sense since you can’t mind as well an object, place, or person. That’s why this is an incorrect spelling of might as well or mine as well.

You should avoid using it, and if you write the expression in a website that has grammar checking capabilities, you’re going to get recommendations to change the ‘mind’ to ‘might’ or ‘mine’.