New To me or New For me

New To me or New For me? Which is correct? (News To me?)

Both “New to me” and “new for me” are correct depending on the context.

“New to me” is more common to use because it can be something specific or something general whereas we usually only use “new for me” to show that the whole situation is new.


This way of steering is new to me.

Driving is new to/for me. 

New to me

“New to me” is often used to show that either something is a new discovery or that you are a beginner in the subject.

We also use “New to me” when we want to say that something might be old but it has recently come into our possession.

Is that a new car?

It is not new, but it is new to me!

New for me

When you say something is “new for me” it often means that you are a beginner and you want the other person to recognize this. 

Ok, So you turn the lever on the right and then.

Hold on! This is all new for me.

You can also use “new to me” as an alternative in this situation.

News to me 

We use “news to me” when we learn about something for the first time.

Did you know that Mike and Sarah are getting married?

That’s news to me 

New Me Meaning

“New me” means that some transformation has taken place either physically or mentally.

I have lost 20 kilograms. I feel like a new me!