nick of time

Is it knick of time or nick of time? Which is correct?

The correct phrase is “in the nick of time”. “Knick” is not a word in English.

What does “in the nick of time” mean?

“In the nick of time” is used to describe a situation where the appropriate action occurred just before an impending deadline.

You just arrived in the nick of time, the train is about to leave.

The shipment arrived in the nick of time. We have to send out our product today.

There is always an idea that the deadline could possibly be missed when you use “in the nick of time”. Usually, the person who needs to complete the action will feel relieved that they met the deadline.

4:59 and the deadline for submission is 5 pm, just in the nick of time!  

Why do people say in the nick of time?

“in the nick of time” is quite an old expression. There are many other ways to describe the situation but “in the nick of time” is quite a positive expression to say so that the other person knows that everything is ok(they were probably rushing).

A “nick” is a small cut and in the past, people would use “nicks” in a piece of wood as a way to measure time before clocks were invented.

What is the opposite of nick of time?

“too late” is the opposite of “in the nick of time”

If you miss the deadline, then you can’t say “in the nick of time”

What does dead on time mean?

“Dead on time” means exactly on time.

The difference between “dead on time” and “in the nick of time” is that “in the nick of time” is usually used when there is some drama or possibility that the deadline will be missed.”Dead on time” just means the arriving at the exact time.