No where or Nowhere? Which is correct?

“Nowhere” is the correct spelling of the word that means “no place”. Nowhere should always be one word and not two. “No where” is incorrect and should not be used in English. 

How do I use nowhere?

1. We use “nowhere” in negative sentences when no particular place is necessary.

I have nowhere else to go.

2.  “Nowhere” can also be used with positive sentences when saying that things didn’t develop in the way they were expected to.

Our plans for a new system went nowhere.

Our relationship went nowhere.

3.  “Nowhere” can also be used to mean “not any other place except this one”. This meaning emphasizes the place we are talking about.

Nowhere else in the world can they make coffee like the way we do!

Is nowhere singular or plural?

In the final meaning of nowhere above, you may need to use a verb. “Nowhere” is singular like (No one, Nobody)

Nowhere is like home

Nowhere is there a place like this. 

Nowhere or knowhere? 

Nowhere is the correct spelling of the word. “Knowhere” is not the correct spelling of this word but it is an object in the Marvel comics.   

Nowhere or No place difference?

“No place” can only replace “nowhere” in the first meaning above. 

There is nowhere(no place) I would rather be than here with you right now. 

What about “nowhere near”?

“Nowhere near” means not close and is used to emphasize that something is very far from the target or objective.