No’s or Nos or Noes? What is the plural of no?

The plural of no can be either nos or noes. No’s has also been used as the plural of No.

Nos appears to be the most common plural for no in modern English.

If you add up all your nos, they become a yes!


Nos is the most common plural of no and follows the regular rule of adding an s to make a word plural.

For every yes, we are getting a hundred nos.


Noes is also a possible spelling for the plural of no. It is an older spelling and is not as common in modern English.

For every yes, we are getting a hundred noes.


Nos. is the abbreviation for numbers.

They are hiding at house nos. 52-53.


No’s has also been used as a plural for no most notably in an Apple marketing campaign. This is not grammatically correct as apostrophes should be used to show omission and possession.  For some reason, no’s can appear correct even if it is not. 

A bunch of no’s or nos?

You should use either noes or nos in this situation but “nos” would be more common.