How do you Respond to “Ok”?

If someone sends a message with “Ok” you can respond with a positive word like “brilliant” or “great” or you can change the topic of the conversation if you want to.

Example Conversation

I am going to the shopping mall later with Michael.


Great, See you soon. 

What does it mean when someone says “Ok”?

In modern English, the word “Ok” often means that someone accepts what you are saying and that the message has been understood. 

Do you want to meet at 8?

Yeah, that’s Ok.

You could just as easily use the word “Ok” by itself in that context as a way to agree with the time. 

How do you reply to “Ok”?

The way that you reply to “ok” depends on the context of the conversation.

Often, the word “ok” is used by itself as a form of agreement. (It is the short form of “that is ok)

In this context, you can use a positive adjective like “ excellent”, “brilliant” or “great” to reply to “ok”.


Let’s go out later to O’Brien’s bar!



Sometimes it may not even be important to say anything in reply to “ok”. If you are sending a text message, you can just give a thumbs up

In other cases, you may want to continue the conversation and change the topic and that may be possible too.