Is it “One Of My Favorite” or “One Of My Favorites”?(Grammar Lesson +Examples)

“One of my favorite” is correct only when you add the plural noun after “favorite”.  “One of my favorites” is correct when the following noun is implied(it has usually already been said).


Oh, this is one of my favorite songs.   

Oh, this song is the best. It is one of my favorites.               

As you can see in the examples above, the object of favorite(the word song) comes after favorite in the first example. In the second example, it is implied, having been mentioned in the sentence before.   

One Of My Favorite + Noun

We usually use “one of my favorite” without the “s” when we include the noun that we are talking about. 


This is one of my favorite cars.

I think he is one of my favorite players of all time.

That is one of my favorite shirts. I want to wear it tonight.

One of my favorite ways to learn English is to practice speaking.

That is one of my favorite ways to work.

One Of My Favorites

We use “one of my favorites” when the noun that is one of our “favorites” has already been mentioned and we don’t want to mention it again.  


I love this car. It is one of my favorites.

I think he is excellent. He is one of my favorites of all time.

That shirt is one of my favorites. I want to wear it tonight.

One of my Favorites Meaning 

“One of my favorite” or “One of my favorites” both mean that out of a group of nouns(people, places, things), this one is at the top or near the top. It is basically a way to say that you really like something without committing to saying that there is nothing better. 

Can you have 2 favorites?

Technically, you can only have one favorite, but in reality that can be very difficult. Things like music are subjective and can depend on your mood. 

So, you can have a favorite song one day, and then the next day a different song could be your favorite song. For this reason, we say that it is “one of our favorites”.