What Is One Word That Describes Someone Who Enjoys Learning?

There are so many words and phrases to describe people and things, which makes vocabulary a very fun thing to learn about. If you’re someone who enjoys learning, you might be referred to as a scholar. 

Of course, there are many other words and terms you could use to describe a person who loves learning, but scholar is one most often associated with this type of person.

What Is A Scholar?

A scholar is a person who takes great pride in dedicating a lot of their time to studying things or learning new things. A scholar may sometimes specialize in a particular field, trying to absorb as much information about their area of interest as possible. This type of scholar may become an expert in their field due to their studious nature.

Scholars may also find enjoyment in learning as much as they can about a variety of subjects. These people would usually be considered very intelligent, and would likely do well in school and other academic pursuits.

Using Scholar In A Sentence

Some examples of the term scholar being used in a sentence include:

Lisa was asked to appear on a talk show for a segment about puberty, as she is a scholar when it comes to the development of adolescents. 

Kareem can quote just about any Shakespearean play since he is such a scholar of the literary arts. 

Sam likes to think of himself as a scholar, but he acts so arrogantly that nobody takes him seriously. 

What Other Words Describe Someone Who Enjoys Learning?

There are many words that you can use in place of the word scholar to describe a person who enjoys learning. Some examples of such words include:

  • Studious
  • Philomath (a Greek term that will make you sound very intelligent)
  • Autodidact (someone who enjoys learning on their own or teaching themselves)
  • Inquisitive
  • Curious
  • Epistemophilia (a person who loves to gain knowledge)
  • Bookworm or bibliophile (someone who loves books)
  • Geek (could be either endearing or mocking)
  • Learnaholic (not necessarily a recognized word, but -holic is often added to something that someone especially enjoys)

Using some of these terms interchangeably will definitely make you sound as smart as a scholar.


Learning is a very admirable pursuit, which is why terms such as scholar tend to be associated with positive attributes. Learning is a lifelong purpose, especially when it comes to the English language and the vast amount of words used to describe just about anyone and everything.