Subject object pronouns

Pronombres Personales en Ingles (Sujeto y Objeto)

El sujeto de la sentencia es la persona/ cosa que hace la acción.

Soy la persona que controla el coche, así que soy el sujeto. El sujeto suele estar al principio de la frase.

Pronombres personales ejemplos:

I play tennis.

You dance Tango.

He likes coffee.

She dreams about cats.

We live here.

They love art.

Pronombres de objeto

Los pronombres de objeto reciben la acción. Vienen después del verbo.

She loves me.

I receive love so we use me.

He talked to me.

I hit you.

John knows him.

Peter plays with her.

They live with us.

Alice drives them to school.

Pronombres de objeto directos e indirectos

A veces necesitamos 2 pronombres de objeto.

I gave the ball to them

In this sentence, the ball is the direct object, and them is the indirect object.

Cosas como pronombres

Usamos it para el sujeto y el objeto cosas singulares.

Usamos they para el sujeto plural y them para el objeto cosas plurales.


Where are my keys?

I left them on the table.

My guitar is from Belgium. It sounds great!

Ejercicio para cambiar sustantivos en pronombres

I don’t like eggs. I don’t eat ____

George is a nice man. I like ____

This car is very fast. I like driving __

I study on my laptop. __ is great.

The kids at school are very loud. Tell ___ to be quiet. 

These are my new shoes. ____ are very clean.