Question On/About/Of/To – What’s the difference?

  • “Question about” and “question regarding” introduce what the question discusses.
  • ”Question on” usually implies “question on this topic”.
  • “Question to” shows that the question is being directed toward someone. 

Question On

We use “question on” when we want to emphasize that it is a question on a specific field of study. 

We have a question on trigonometry for our next exam.

We also use “question on” when “on” acts as a preposition of place for the following word.

Does anybody ask you questions on Instagram?

Question About

We use “ question about” when we want to introduce the subject matter that the question deals with.

It is a question about logistics. 

Question Of

We use the preposition “of” with “question” to show that the following noun is an object of “question”. 

If it’s a question of money, then there should be no problem.

“Question of” was much more common in the past than it is now. 

Learn more about why we use the preposition “of” in English here

Question To

We use “question to” when we want to direct a question in the direction of someone.

A question to the senior editor…..

Question Regarding 

“Question regarding” has a very similar meaning to “question about”. We often use “question regarding” to let the other person know that we are referring to something that was previously spoken about. 

So that is the end of the presentation. Any questions?

I have a question regarding the information at the beginning of the lecture.

“Question regarding” is slightly more formal than “question about”.