How to Reply to “Hope You Feel Better Soon”

For those moments you are ill, sick or unwell in some way, people will often say, “Hope you feel better soon.” It’s a sincere and sweet way to show someone you care about their current state of health. This can include physical, mental or emotional wellbeing. You simply respond in kind, with words of thanks and gratitude.

This sentiment of well-wishing is so popular in English-speaking countries that there are entire lines of greeting cards around it. Regardless, it’s a proper and succinct way to extend kindness when someone isn’t their normal self.

Meaning of “Hope You Feel Better Soon”

Whenever anyone wishes for another to heal from some malady, they will usually iterate some version of “hope you feel better soon.” This is always positive and caring with an undercurrent of kindness and concern. Anyone who would choose to use this in a negative way is not a character of good quality.

People will say this to friends, family, coworkers, classmates, authority figures or anyone to whom they have a genuine fondness. There are many ways people can fall “ill.” These could be physical or medical, such as contracting a disease or catching the common cold. But it can also encompass things like depression and heartbreak.

Sample Replies

I’m sorry you’re sick and truly hope you feel better soon.

Thank you so much. I will try my best to get better soon.

I hope you feel better soon, you’ve been struggling with your breakup for a while now.

I appreciate your concern, but I will be okay.

We wanted to tell you that we hope you feel better soon.

You are all sweet and I’m grateful for your well-wishes.

Synonymous Phrases

There are other ways to say “hope you feel better soon” if you want to add a little originality. Consider the following and try to replace the phrases in the samples above (remember to adjust verbs and agreement where necessary):

  • Get well soon
  • Wishing you get better fast
  • Praying for your speedy recovery
  • Thinking of you in your time of need


Whenever anyone says “hope you feel better soon,” always reply with an acknowledgment of their concern and convey your gratitude for it. It’s a little prayer someone is sending your way. So, it’s only polite to return the kindness when suffering from whatever illness might be inflicting you.