scrap vs scrape

Scrap or Scrape? What’s the Difference?

Scrap and scrape are very often confused with each other because people don’t know what the actual difference is between the words. It is also possible that a spell check program won’t catch the mistake, so you need to know what the differences are between the words to use them properly.

Scrape and scrap are two different words with two different meanings. Scrap refers to throwing something away that’s not useful. Scrape means to roughen or scuff the surface of something.

Scrape Meaning and Use

Scrape has a few different meanings and can be used as both a verb and a noun. As a verb, scrape can be used with or without an object depending on what you are trying to talk about.

When used as a verb with an object, scrape means to free something from an outer layer or smooth by rubbing with something sharp. It can also mean to scratch or injure the surface of something.

Scrape also refers to someone doing something with difficulty. This meaning will most commonly be followed by the word “up” or the word “together”.

When used as a verb without an object, scrape refers to rub something with the purpose of “grating”. It can also be used to describe the sound of something dragging across the ground.

Much like being used with an object, using “scrape” without an object can also refer to someone managing to do something with difficulty.

When scrape is used as a noun, it is referring to the action of scraping or the sound that is produced from scratching an object on another surface. Scrape can also be used to describe a distressing or embarrassing situation.

Be careful not to scrape your chair across the floor.

I just noticed this scrape on my arm, and I have no idea where it came from.

She managed to scrape up just enough money to buy the concert ticket.

Make sure you scrape the bottom of the cake bowl with the spatula.

The worst part about winter is having to scrape ice off the car windshield.

Scrape the dried glue off the surface a little at a time.

Scrap Meaning and Use

Scrap can be used as an adjective, noun, or verb with an object. As a noun, the first definition of scrap is a fragment or small piece of something. This also refers to a part of something that is detached from the rest of itself.

When used as an adjective, scrap refers to something that consists of fragments or something that has been discarded due to its small size.

As a verb with an object, scrap refers to making something into smaller pieces by breaking it up. It also refers to throwing something away that is too small or not useful. For example, he wanted to scrap his idea because it wouldn’t work.

Scrap can also be used as a noun meaning a “fight”.

He handed me a small scrap of paper with his phone number on it.

I always make sure to leave a scrap of bread out for the ducks.

She has a scrap bowl to feed her dogs leftovers.

If your car doesn’t run, you can sell it for scrap to the junkyard.

This isn’t a good idea, we should scrap it and start over.

How to Remember the Difference

If you are talking about a small PIECE of something, use the word scraP. Since scrap ends with a P and piece starts with a P, you can keep this in mind.

If you are talking about the surfacE of something, you will use the word scrapE. When something gets scraped, the surface is getting damaged in the process.