shoot for the stars

Shoot for the stars Meaning(English Idioms)

The idiom “To shoot for the stars” means to set a high objective when you are trying to do something. 

Example sentences:

John: I plan on studying at Harvard next year.

Peter: Good on you! Shoot for the stars!


Jane: I am going to run two kilometers.

Jessica: Only 2 kilometers! Why don’t you shoot for the stars and do 5 kilometers! 

The idiom shoot for the stars means to aim high and when you set your goals, you should try to set a very difficult target.

I personally find this works for me as I generally achieve my goals if I aim high. Setting a high target can be a great motivating factor to achieve a difficult goal. Some people find that this doesn’t work for them as they feel disheartened when they don’t achieve their goals.

The idiom is usually used in the imperative tense. This is because people demand(in a positive way) that you try to aim high.

Shoot for the stars(Aim for the moon)

Shoot for the stars is the name of an album by the musician Pop Smoke. This phrase basically means the same thing as “shoot for the stars”